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Welcome and Thank You for your enquiry. Here's some information that I hope will assist you when selecting a Professional Résumé Writer.

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Writing your own Résumé is a daunting task for most people, even for professional and highly educated people. For some reason we find it hard to effectively portray our achievements, successes, attributes and talents to a prospective employer. Putting the (right) words on paper and presenting a professional document is a task that is daunting and scary for most people.

At this very moment in Australia there are 750,000 people applying for 150,000 jobs and there are 26,000 unemployed people on the Gold Coast - so your competition is fierce - you need to invest in yourself.


When you do the “ring around” looking for someone to write your Résumé you will often be quoted prices such as $49, $69 and $99. Unfortunately for this rate you usually get a person who is a "Typist" only, with no professional Résumé writing skills and experience. Additionally they usually use a “Template” which means everyone’s Résumé is exactly the same – that’s not going to put you in the ‘TO BE INTERVIEWED’ pile. It’s the old story – YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

It is important to remember that your Résumé is an INVESTMENT in YOURSELF. A professional Résumé has the power to get you an INTERVIEW, get you the JOB THAT YOU WANT, and put you in a HIGHER INCOME BRACKET

So, WHAT QUESTIONS should you ask when choosing someone to write your Résumé? When you ring or email someone to professionally write your résumé, asking the following questions should help you to choose the right person for you:

  • What are your professional qualifications?
  • How many years have you been writing résumés?
  • What is your success rate for applicants getting the interview
  • and the job?
  • Do you use a template to create the résumé?
  • Is your business registered with the Dept of Fair Trading?
  • What EXACTLY do I get for the money I spend with you?
  • What is the TOTAL cost and is it Tax Deductible?
  • Can you give me the contact details of one of your previous clients so that I may enquire about your services with them?
  • What information do I need to provide you with, and how long will it take to complete my Résumé?
  • Is my information confidential, and how long do you keep my files?

Asking these questions will definitely give you an indication of how professional the person is that you are considering to write your Résumé. Asking questions about the computer software and equipment that is used is equally important (even if YOU are not computer savvy) you should ask about the following:

  • Is the Résumé printed in black & white or colour?
  • Do you use a bubble jet or laser printer? (You want laser!)
  • What computer program do you use? (Must be Microsoft Word 2003 or advanced, ie Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010).
  • Do you provide me with an Adobe PDF (Protected Document File) file format for email résumés? (You must have an Adobe PDF file for email applications!)
  • How many résumé printed copies do I get and do you provide presentation folders?
  • How do you give me my files – CD/DVD Disc, Email or USB?

And a couple of final questions you may like to ask, just to make sure you are choosing the best person for the job:

  • Do you provide any advice on my job search options?
  • Do you give me any info on interview questions?
  • Do you help me with what to wear to an interview?
  • Can you help me with email applications because I don’t know how to use a computer?
  • Can I get my Résumé updated down the track?
  • What options do you offer for me to pay for my Résumé?

Well that was a fair amount of information for you to read, but it has been provided to make your task of choosing a professional Résumé Writer easier.

So now it would be fair to ask what services are provided by

Five Star Résumé Services?

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